Month: January 2009

Computer Power Usage

A friend asked me how much it costs to have his office computers running 24/7. So, I used my current measurement interface and multimeter to measure how much current one of the systems drew in various states of use. Knowing the current draw I could figure out how much wattage the system was using in those various states of use.
volts x amps = watts

I found the Oregon commercial electric rate of ¢7.63 per kilowatthour from here and used the following formula to figure out the cost to run one system 24/7:

watts x 24 hours x 30.5 days/month = watt hours (Wh)

Wh / 1000 = kilowatthour (kWh)

kWh x ¢7.63 = cost per month to run computer 24/7 for month

What’s most interesting is that when the system and the monitor were powered off they were still drawing 9.6 watts! That’s ¢54 a month just for the privilege of having the device plugged in!

Wikipedia – Vampire Power

On Life

In my 26 years of existence I’ve learned that life is hardly ever fair. In fact a lot of times it can feel like life is kicking you in the face, when you’re already on the ground from it punching you in the stomach. In all the times that life was punching or kicking me, I learned some things:

  • Even though life is hardly ever fair, it’s still worth living.
  • Life is worth living because of other people, and the experiences both good and bad that we share.
  • Life should not be lived alone, it should be shared with friends, family and even those you can’t stand.
  • Don’t over analyze, life isn’t that complicated – just live.
  • Don’t let the punching and kicking make you bitter, let yourself be happy.
  • Be yourself, always.
  • Every now and then life stops the punching and the kicking and hands you a gift, and when it does you should grab on to that gift and never let go.
  • The single most precious gift that life can give you is people that accept and love you for who you are because being you is really what your life is meant for.

Sandi is beautiful, smart, funny, and caring. She is someone who makes it worth going though the kicks and punches of life. She is one of those gifts that life gives you. In order to grab hold of that gift and never let it go I have asked her to marry me.

She said yes.

Date is set for April 1st (Yeah, I know April 1st! w00t)

-I love you Sandi and Boys-

Me & Sandi

Me & Boys

Me & Boys