I first came across the metal binder idea from Instructables. I then came across the traffic sign binder via Make. Having a middle schooler who can’t seem to keep a binder intact for longer than a week the metal binder idea appealed to me.

The Build

At first I was going to use sheet metal but came across an old STOP sign at a construction recycling center. The rest of the materials consist of a piano (continuous) hinge, a donor binder, and some rivets.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned before – if I make another one I’ll use a jig so that the cuts with the jigsaw are straighter. Also, as can be seen in the picture above, I used washers to makeup for the hinge holes being too big for the 1/8″ rivets. I have some doubts about how robust this will be. For now I’m going to see how it works but I may need to either use something else besides washers or track down bigger rivets.