This past Halloween the youngest child unitâ„¢ went as Steve from Minecraft. This was a pretty easy and cheap costume to make. For the head I used the pattern from The hardest part was cutting all the paper out.

An old hat (with the bill cut off) was secured to the head via a screw and nut. Some extra cardboard was glued in place to raise the head’s eye level so the child unit could see out the eye holes.

I used some screen to cover the eye holes so one could not see directly into the head – this was mostly superfluous but added to effect.

The sword was made in the same way using this pattern. To make it so that it was “life-sized” I imported it into Acrobat and scaled it to 200% in the print settings (did this twice, once for each side of the sword). This made it print on multiple pages (like the head) for you to piece together and glue on cardboard.

Both the head and sword were covered in packing tape to prevent them from turning into a soggy mess in the Oregon rain.