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Shop Improvements – Many Things [Part 3]

I’m calling this video the third installment of my shop improvements series. It’s not a highlight of a single project, though. Since none of these things would make an interesting video on their own, I’m using this video as a catchall. I talk about and show the insulation and sheeting of the walls and ceiling, including painting OSB sheeting. Dealing with the barn doors, a random gap in the doorway of the shop that I filled with concrete, and reinforcing the sagging ceiling with additional joists.

Shop Improvements – Custom Door Handles

In this video I tackle a minor improvement to the shop, adding door handles. This was by no means a critical improvement but it’s nice to have a proper thing to grab onto to get the doors open. The antique wrenches were bought from the Lafayette (OR) Schoolhouse Antique Mall, I recommend you check it out if your in the area.

Tools used in video (may be affiliate links)

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LEGO Saturn V Display Stand

In this video I build a lighted stand for my LEGO Saturn V model. This video is a bit different and is maybe more inspirational than instructional, though I did try to make a point to show some of the techniques I used. Below you’ll find a schematic that details the driver circuit for the LEDs. This is ridiculously simple and mostly consists of the LDD-1500H constant current LED driver. The LEDs are some high power ones that I had lying around. In the video you can see that I mounted them to a piece of aluminum with thermal adhesive, this was to offer some heat dissipation but it’s not nearly enough to run the LEDs at full power. You wouldn’t really want to anyway since they’d be painfully bright. So, I’m under driving the LEDs at 1.5 amps and have them set at ~1/3 their full brightness (at that current) via PWM. The LDD-1500H has built-in dimming capability via PWM and I use an ATTiny85 to generate the PWM signal and set the brightness. The code for the ATTiny85 is so simple it’s barely worth mentioning but is included below as well. I had originally planned to include a potentiometer but decided not to when building the circuit (I can always add it later).


int pwmPIN = 0; // PIN that is connected to the LDD-1500H PWM input

void setup() {
// Nothing needed here

void loop() {
analogWrite(pwmPIN, 50);


Saturn V Driver Schematic

Shop Improvements – Redoing Electrical [Part 2]

In this second part of my shop improvements series I start to tackle the much needed electrical improvements.

Want to see why the original switch box was more dangerous than it seemed? Check out my Patreon.

Conduit Fill Calculator

Wire Ampacity Chart

Tools and materials I used in this video (affiliate links):

KNIPEX 95 11 165 Cable Shears (a MUST for cutting heavy gauge wire)

KNIPEX 09 01 240 SBA 9.5-Inch Ultra-High Leverage Lineman’s Pliers

KNIPEX 70 01 180 Diagonal Cutters

USA Made 2500 Lb 3/4 Pull Tape/Mule Webbing – 500 FT

Executive Producers:

Matt (Patreon Patron)
Jack Oscar
Lola June
George Winston
Wilbur “The White Wonder” Templeton
Theodore Jenkins

Want to help support Adam’s Lab?

Want to help support Adam’s Lab and like t-shirts?

Shop Improvements – Part 1

In this first part of my shop improvements series I talk about the various improvements I want to make to my shop and begin by adding a much needed window and doggy door to the shop.

Mailbox Notifier v2.0

This is v2.0 of my mailbox delivery notification system. In this version I scrap the XBee radios, and notification light for an ESP8266 and email notification of delivery. With exception of switching out the Arduino Pro Mini for an ESP8266 and an ATtiny85, all the other core components and construction are the same as v1.0.

v2.0 Code and Schematic

Decent tutorial on setting up Postfix as a relay – I don’t recommend making your server publicly accessible unless you know what you’re doing. If your project does not require secure email, use a service like SMTP2go.

Spark Fun Thing Dev


DPST relay (use/need is described in video).

DS18B20 Temp Sensor

IP67 Rated LEDs

Reed Switch

Solar Lithium Ion/Polymer Charger

6V 2W Solar Panel

4400mAh Lithium Ion Battery