Zero Point Shelf

Zero Point Shelf - SketchUp

If putting holes in the wall was a game this shelf wouldn’t net you any points. The image above is a very rough SketchUp drawing of a shelf I am going to start building over the next couple of weeks. The concept of “clamping” shelving between the ceiling and floor isn’t original to me, in fact I’ve see several variations of the idea; this is just my variation. The point of this method of mounting shelves is – you get the shelf without the holes in your wall, the concept also lends itself to being placed where there is no wall (stud) support.


Steal This Wi-Fi (the safe way)

In his Wired article “Steal This Wi-Fi” Bruce Schneier gives some good reasons to leave your wireless network open, being neighborly for starters. While being neighborly is nice, advising people to open their wireless network without providing some advice on how to do it securely is irresponsible and one would have expected more from a renowned security expert…

My blanket advice – close your wireless network. If you don’t know how, find someone who can help you.

On the other hand – if you know how to run an open wireless network securely then do it! It may be a geek thing, but I find it cool (and neighborly) to be able to run an open wireless network and provide passersby with free internet access.

Here is how I do it:


White Elephant Gift

Going to a Christmas party tonight and there is a white elephant gift exchange – someone is going to get 6 8GB IBM SCSI hard drives with their covers removed. Interestingly all the hard drives (same model) have an X mark (looks to be sharpie) on the top plater. The only information I could find in my (brief) research as to why, was this Ask MetaFilter thread.

Is it me or would it look cool to mount the drives to a backing board like they are shown in the picture and hang them on the wall?

Kee Klamp Shelf (not on the cheap)

This is a shelf I built using Kee Klamps and 1-3/8″ top rail fence post.

I purchased the Kee Klamps from Simplified Building Concepts, you can also get them from Grainger and McMaster-CARR prices are about the same anywhere you go (read: expensive) but Simplified Building seemed to have a better selection. The Kee Klamps are awesome and I could come up with a ton of things to build with them, but there a bit cost prohibitive to build with. All in all though they work quite well. I couldn’t find the weight bearing specifications of the Kee Klamps but I was able to stand on the middle shelf (~160lbs) without failure. This was an expensive project mostly due to the use of the Kee Klamps, but they sure are cool.