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VAS Saver

VAS Saver

If you use the VAS 6154A diagnostic dongle, then you know that the dongle’s USB port is prone to damage and failure, turning your expensive diagnostic tool into an expensive paperweight.

The manufacturer of the VAS 6154A does not warranty, or even offer paid repair for damaged USB ports, so you’re left to seek out expensive third party repair, or trash your expensive diagnostic tool. Either way, your expensive diagnostic tool is out of commission, costing you money.

What’s more, if you opt to replace your damaged 6154A dongle, you have to hope it’s not on galactic backorder, and you’re stuck having to buy the whole (expensive) 6154A kit.

VAS Saver

The problem stems from a poor design that causes the USB port to be subject to being torn off the PCB substrate. This is easily done by a tech who’s in a rush and doesn’t properly align the wireless module or cable before attempting to connect it. Even with extreme care the USB port will eventually work loose from the PCB substrate due to lack of support.

VAS Saver

The VAS SAVER allows you to protect the fragile USB port on your 6154A diagnostic dongle, preventing the damage before it occurs.

The VAS SAVER is designed to attach permanently to your 6154A (though it is fully removable) and holds in place a replaceable USB pigtail that’s used to connect a wireless module or USB cable.

The idea is simple, protect the USB port on the 6154A by moving the point of connection to an easily and cheaply replaceable pigtail.

The VAS SAVER does not use any active circuitry, it is a pass-through connection so it does not interfere with the use of the 6154A.

Important Notes:

Installation and Usage

VAS SAVER - Complete Kit

The VAS SAVER Complete Kit includes 1 pigtail, screws, and Velcro to attach the wireless module to the dongle. You can purchase additional replacement pigtails as you need, or order some to keep as spares (6154A dongle and wireless module pictured for illustration purposes only and not included).

VAS SAVER - Replacment Pigtail

Since the VAS SAVER pigtail is considered a wear item/consumable it’s advised to keep one or two spares on hand so you can replace them as needed.