Framing a t-shirt (on the cheap)


While perusing the local Michaels for something unrelated I came across some shadow boxes and thought that they might work to frame a special t-shirt that I’ve wanted to preserve in some way for awhile.

This is the 8×10 shadow box frame I got from Michaels, it goes for ~$14.00 but it was on sale for ~$9.00; either way it’s still inexpensive. Notice how tall the sides are – you will see the benefit of this later on.

A piece of foam core was cut to fit inside the frame:

The foam core was then placed inside the t-shirt and test fitted in the frame. Note that you may need to cut the foam core a little bit smaller to compensate for the t-shirt:

The high sides of the shadow box frame allow the rest of the shirt to be stuffed inside the frame:

Before the final fit a lit roller was used to remove any fuzzes from the t-shirt:

Gave the glass of the frame a good cleaning too:

After the final stuffing the the back of the frame was put in place:

Adam ByersComment