DIY Plinko Game

Below are some pictures of a plinko game that my uncle and I built for a Halloween fair. Construction consisted of a “scrap” 4×8 sheet of plywood that was covered with a sheet of hardboard/tile board to give the puck (we used an actual hockey puck) a smooth surface to slide on. We used 12 volt halogen lights in the bottom pockets that lit that pocket if the puck landed in it. My uncle devised a circuit to control the lights using the venerable 555 timer and a decade counter and MOSFETs to turn the lights on/off. We had to add a cooling fan to keep the MOSFETs cool. I don’t have a lot more information on this project since we were in a rush doing it but wanted to share it here since it’s just a good memory of time spent with my uncle making something.

(note that this is just a dump of the pictures, I didn’t sort or edit them)

Adam ByersComment