Kee Klamp Shelf (not on the cheap)


This is a shelf I built using Kee Klamps and 1-3/8" top rail fence post.

I purchased the Kee Klamps from Simplified Building Concepts you can also get them from other places as well, prices are about the same anywhere you go (read: expensive) but Simplified Building seemed to have a better selection. The Kee Klamps are awesome and I could come up with a ton of things to build with them, but there a bit cost prohibitive to build with. All in all though they work quite well. I couldn't find the weight bearing specifications of the Kee Klamps but I was able to stand on the middle shelf (~160lbs) without failure. This was an expensive project mostly due to the use of the Kee Klamps, but they sure are cool.

Kee Klamps Parts List:

  • 4 x Type 20-6 Side out Elbow (1")

  • 8 x Type MH50-6 Male Single Horizontal Swivel Socket Member (1") (one for each corner of the top and middle shelf)

  • 4 x Type 61-6 Flange (1")

Other Parts:

  • Pre-cut 24"x24" plywood from Home Depot (for shelves)

  • 4"x2" for the bottom shelf bracing

  • 1"x1" for top and middle shelf bracing

  • 1-3/8" top rail fence post from Home Depot

  • 2" Casters (need to be able to pull it out to get the network equipment behind it)

  • Miscellaneous nuts, bolts and screws

  • Finish of your choosing (I used clear polyurethane)

Adam ByersComment