Mailbox Notifier 2.0 | [0024] 📬

This is v2.0 of my mailbox delivery notification system. In this version I scrap the XBee radios, and notification light for an ESP8266 and email notification of delivery. With exception of switching out the Arduino Pro Mini for an ESP8266 and an ATtiny85, all the other core components and construction are the same as v1.0.

v2.0 Code and Schematic

Decent tutorial on setting up Postfix as a relay – I don’t recommend making your server publicly accessible unless you know what you’re doing. If your project does not require secure email, use a service like SMTP2go.

Spark Fun Thing Dev


DPST relay (use/need is described in video)

DS18B20 Temp Sensor

IP67 Rated LEDs

Reed Switch

Solar Lithium Ion/Polymer Charger

6V 2W Solar Panel

4400mAh Lithium Ion Battery

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