Architectural Mailboxes Security Mailbox

UPDATE: Turns out the mailbox shown in this video was an early design that was being (improperly) used as a display - click here for more info.

Via the Architectural Mailboxes’s website (emphasis mine):

Our Oasis Locking Mailbox has an innovative oversized patented Parcel Delivery Door which allows for delivery of small parcels and mail bundles, keeping items secure until the box is unlocked. The delivery and access doors are equipped with weather tight seals to keep mail clean and dry. The Oasis has a re-keyable zinc plated cam lock with zinc die cast cylinder. Every aspect of the Oasis locking mailbox was selected to provide security, durability and style.

Architectural Mailboxes, you use the word “security” but I think it means something different than what you must think.

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