Shower Controller - Manage Shower Length | [0016] 🚿

After dealing with excessively long showers for too long, I set up a system to manage the amount of time our kids could effectively use the shower.

Schematic can be found here (pdf)

Code can be found on GitHub.

Parts (not a complete list, mostly the electronics side):

Brass Liquid Solenoid Valve (

Rugged Metal Pushbutton with LED Ring (

Arduino Pro 328 – 5V/16MHz (


Schottky diode (

This is version 1 f the valve setup. This version was flawed for a couple of different reasons (explained in video).

Shower Controller

This is version 2 of the valve setup (shown installed).

Shower Controller

The electronics. The yellow wire on the Arduino is a bodge and unrelated to the functioning of the shower controller.

Shower Controller

Shower Controller

Shower Controller

Shower Controller

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